A to Z Challenge, short story

F is for Followers

The little boy’s hand shook as he pressed a bottle against his chapped lips, sucking down the few remaining drops of water. His tongue circled the rim of the bottle, desperate to find more but there was nothing left.

A to Z Challenge, short story

E is for Engulfed

Kyi rubbed his bloodied face across his sleeve, leaving a trail of crimson behind. Wincing in pain, he continued rubbing his eye, hoping to see the hooded girl more clearly. Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain, the gushing gash above his eyebrow kept his vision clouded with a steady flow of blood. “If not Astrans, then who?”

A to Z Challenge, short story, wordbound

C is for Concert

Fading in and out of consciousness, he could see the blood. Thick, deep red, coating his hands and knees as he begged his father to wake up. Gun shots continued to ring out, echoing the scenes of murder. The murder of his father and the otherworldly visitor.

A to Z Challenge, short story

B is for Blood

Mark’s grip around her shirt tightened, sending wrinkles down the fabric around his fist. Raising his clenched hand high into the air, Kyi knew what would happen next. Mid-punch, Mark’s arm collided with Kyi’s, Kyi instinctively blocking him, preventing him from hitting the alien girl.

short story

Room 419

The elevator stopped at a slanted angle, preventing the monsters from climbing down into the open space between the door but also making it nearly impossible for them to escape. Their options were as follows: open the top latch and pray they could climb up onto the roof without any complications or crawl between the small opening in the elevator door then try climbing down to the second floor.


Reworking Old Stories

Recently I joined this group on twitter called The Insecure Writer's Support Group or IWSG for short. Their main purpose is to connect writers and help them share their writing and encourage one another. Each month there's a new question they require writers to answer in a blog post. Then they encourage us to look at each other's blogs and see how they answered the question.

short story

Abandoned Storage Building

Jared removed his gun from its holster. The last thing he wanted was to fire a bullet and attract another swarm of monsters but what choice did he have? Unlike Riley, he was just some ordinary human with a gun. No special supernatural abilities. No supersonic hearing or ice breath or whatever else Riley and her friends could do. Just a stupid non genetically altered idiot who thought it was a bright idea to throw himself in the middle of the city’s sector which just so happened to be infested with flesh eating monsters.