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Dream Talk


How many of you out there can control your own dreams?

I never realized this was something not everyone could do. All my life I’d been controlling my dreams, using them to explore new avenues that would later end up in one of my stories.

I discovered not everyone had this ability one day while playing a card game with friends. The game was called Jetpack Unicorn and it’s very similar to Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity. The twist to the game is instead of merely placing a card down and hoping someone picks it, you actually have the opportunity to argue why your card is better, possibly swaying the player to pick yours instead. It’s a pretty cool game created by youtuber Kristina Horner though I’m not sure if it’s still for sale (I was a backer for her kickstarter so I received a copy as part of my reward).

This particular round was a “would you rather” type question. Would you rather (honestly, I can’t remember what the other choice was so I’ll make up something similar [it was years ago okay? Give me a break!]) breathe underwater or control your dreams? It wasn’t my turn to pick and I didn’t even have a card down to debate but I was heavily invested. To me, it was an obvious choice. Pick the “breathe underwater” one because “controlling your dreams” was something we could all already do, at least that’s what I thought at the time. However, my friend was so interested in controlling her dreams, so much so that she eventually picked that as the winner. So that’s when I spoke up.

“Why’d you pick that one? You can already control your dreams.”

The stares I got made me immediately realize my mistake. Could I really be the only one in the room who could control my dreams? I stared back, confused by their looks of disbelief. After a while, there was a release in tension when they all laughed it off, thinking I was merely joking. But I think they caught on when I wasn’t as amused as them. Finally a friend said they couldn’t control their dreams but they’d read articles saying people could. Up until then, they didn’t believe me but this mention of the article made me feel less like an outcast. A google search later (oh, what would we do without google?) and they realized this was a real thing.

Instantly they were shocked and jealous, reading article after article to see if this was something they could learn to do. Ultimately I grew a deeper appreciation for the ability I normally took for granted. I could control dreams and that wasn’t an ordinary feat. But I’m here to tell it it’s not all roses and dandelions.


Okay, usually it is. Like my recent dream where I was a superhero in training faced with the ultimate decision. Do I sit back and observe like a good little student or jump in and save some lives? Picture this, a building stretching up as tall as the Statue of Liberty, windows reflecting the sunlight like magnifying glass. Now imagine some “genius” putting the elevator on the outside of the building and now that it’s malfunctioning, it’s shooting guest into the air like a slingshot, bringing them back down only to repeat the process over and over again.

The responsible thing (as a student) would be to stand back and like the professionals handle this crisis. But who wants to stand around freaking out when you could just spring into action and prevent the elevator from shooting up another time? That’s the route I went. I left my classmates behind and grabbed hold of the elevator, digging my feet into the ground and saving some old man and his dogs who were barely holding on. Not going to lie, it was pretty cool but for the most part, I was able to control every aspect of what happened so I wasn’t too afraid.


However, it’s not always like that. There’s a dark side too. Even while controlling my dreams, I can still freak myself out. Like another dream where I was back in my parent’s old house. In the living room, where I was with my dogs, there’s a huge sliding glass door that led into the backyard. It was dark outside yet from the corner of my eye, in between the cracks of the blinds, I could’ve sworn I saw someone out back. My parents had a screened in pool so if someone was back there, they’d have had to break into the screened off area in order to get close to the door. My dogs barked, confirming my suspicions. Even though I knew it was a dumb idea (and I knew what would happen if I did it since I controlled the outcome), I approached the door, inching my face dangerously close to the glass.


The intruder slammed themselves against the sliding glass door scaring dream me so bad that it not only knocked the wind out of me but the sound from my ears as well. I stumbled back a few steps trying to grasp what happened as my senses returned to me. But I knew what happened, because I made it happen.

Freaked out, I aborted the dream, waking up in bed with the echoes of the sound still fresh in my ears. With the sound hovering in the air, it made me panic. What if someone was actually breaking into my house and the sound that woke me was them breaking in? After sitting there for a while trying to convince myself this couldn’t possibly be true, I grabbed a baseball bat and investigated. Thankfully no one was trying to break in but still, it made me realize that even while controlling my dreams, I was able to scare myself and to be honest, that was kinda messed up.


So now that you’ve reached the end of this blog post, you’ll probably realize there was no moral to the post. You’re right, there isn’t. But hi, I’m writing again. And hopefully I will post weekly from now on (no promises). I am interested to see how many people can also control their dreams so here’s a few questions for you guys:

Can you control your dreams? If so, what’s been your favorite dream?
Do you dream in color?
Have you ever had a nightmare? If so, what was it?
If you control your dreams, have you ever scared yourself?


Until next time! Keep swimming mermaids! 🙂


Photos from Pexels.

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