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Dimension Detectives

Hello all!

It’s been a while, lol. Sorry about that. But here’s a new short story (well, sort of short story) I wrote after being given an amazing suggestion by my twitter friend Salma A.Razak.

If you read my last short story, you’d know it revealed their world hold various dimensions (along with magic, monsters, and who knows what else! Hey, I sure don’t. I’m making it up as I go along ^-^; ). Her idea connects most of my short stories together using this theme of dimensions and traveling between them. ^_^ I loved this idea! So Dimension Detectives was born (and other stories soon to be born). I’ll probably explain all of this better in a later post but for now I wanted to give you guys some background information before diving head first into this new story. With that being said, this story will make a lot more sense if you read Callum first (but the story can stand alone too).

If you enjoy reading stories on Wattpad, please check out Salma’s page! Right now she’s regularly adding chapters to her story The Witch. Please go show her some love! 🙂

Now I hope you enjoy my new short story! Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Eevie shivered. Stepping through a dimensional portal always made her skin crawl. Wet goop caressed her skin, sticking to her molecules and rearranging them to send her to her desired destination. Surely there was some high tech scientific explanation behind teleporting from dimension to dimension but she’d never been interested in any of that stuff. That was more Delgado’s scene. It did, however, amaze her how instantaneous it accorded. It felt more like walking through a doorway than traveling across time and space.

The portal shut behind her, darkness swirling into nothingness. Detectives buzzed about the area, lights flashing from their cameras as they photographed the scene before her. “Already packed.” She sighed, rolling her eyes.

News was spreading quickly. It wasn’t everyday Crawlers breached the Dimensional Treaty. They were a species that kept mainly to themselves. Odd creatures covered completely in an inky substance, multiple arms, and the ability to hop between dimensions at will. Their ability was the foundation to the way she traveled between dimensions now but the last time they’d gone against the treaty was fifty or so years before she was born.

“You’re a little late.” Delgado leaned against the pillar closest to Eevie. In his hands was a thick leather binder, each page lined with crime scene photographs. He paused at a blank page, reaching a hand out as his assistant snapped another shot of the scene and gave him the new photograph. He added it at the top of the page, jotting notes beneath it. “Run into traffic at the Connecting Gate?” With a raised eyebrow, he finally glanced over at her.

His presence made the hair on her arms stand up. Her mouth twitched wanting to tell him where to shove his fake concern but she held her tongue. Not even a month later and here he was with a new assistant doing all his dirty work. “Should I be surprised you’re still stalking me?” She pushed past him, kneeling before a pile of black sludge. Pulling out her camera, she took a photo then moved on to the next piece of evidence.

Delgado stumbled over his own feet as he followed after her. His assistant watched with wide eyes, not knowing what to do now that he wasn’t bossing her around. “I’m not stalking you.” He said sternly.

Eevie kneeled down again, glancing over her shoulder at him. “Sure looks that way to me.” She muttered, returning to the new piece of evidence. A human footprint in a sea of sludge. She tugged a compass out of her pocket, holding it in the direction the footprint was going. The arrow on the compass spun around uncontrollably, unable to focus on the correct direction.

“A portal was opened here.” Eevie immediately clutched the compass in her palm, hiding it from Delgado’s watchful eyes. When she turned to him, he was still leaning over her shoulder rubbing his goatee as he stared into space. “And the footprints end here.” He stared into space a moment more, a light bulb finally going off in his head. “Do you think whoever they belonged to went into the portal?”

Eevie rolled her eyes at him. He was quicker than the rest of the dumb detectives wandering aimlessly at the crime scene but still a lot slower than her. Of course whoever those footprints belonged to went into the portal. But that wasn’t good news for them. A human in the Crawlers’ dimension? Whoever they were was as good as dead and according to their treaty, there was not a damn thing they could do about it.

Eevie stood up, returning the compass to her pocket. “I think you should stop stealing my finds and work with your assistant to make your own discoveries.” She nudged her head in the direction of his assistant then cracked a smile at the sight. There his assistant was taking selfies of herself rather than exploring the crime scene on her own. “She looks like a real keeper.”

Delgado watched his assistant with red cheeks, his mouth hanging opened. For a moment, he looked as though he’d chew her out for embarrassing him but the second Eevie moved on to the next clue, he shut his mouth and trailed behind her instead.

“Aw, come on. Let’s become a duo again.” As he closed the gap between them, he fiddled with the back of her long coat the same way he used to. And she turned to him, wanting to slap him across the face, just like she used to. “We were always a great team.”

Eevie whipped the fabric from his hands. “You mean you miss taking all the credit and referring to me as the incompetent assistant.” She stomped towards a roped off section near the back of the warehouse. No other detectives apparently bothered to check back there. She groaned at how clueless they all were. Sure this section was roped off prior to their current investigation but why leave any stone unturned? Anything and everything could be a clue.

“Incompetent?” Delgado bowed under the caution tape, silently tagging along with Eevie’s investigation. His eyes traced broken boxes to their right, a puddle of sludge to their front, and a glittery spot with small broken shards of glass beside Eevie’s shoe. “Now you know I’d never say that.”

Eevie shushed him, placing a finger to her lips before dipping down to ground level. She covered her hand with a latex glove and tapped the broken glass around with her index finger. A photo later and she was off investigating the inky sludge beside the broken boxes. A quick check from her compass gave her the confirmation she needed. A portal had been opened in this exact location except the magnetic pull was a lot weaker than before, spinning the compass’ arrow slowly.

“Another portal? But days before the last?” Delgado pointed out before she could.  He was rubbing his goatee again as if he was the genius who pieced it all together without her help.

Eevie shot him a glare. “Two weeks before to be exact.” Her eyes returned to the sludge and she snapped another photo. She had so many questions but she didn’t dare mention any in front of him. “Why are you still here?” She muttered under her breath. She could feel him hovering over her again, stealing her finds for his own just like he used to when she was his assistant. “I have no interest in working with you.”

“Even if I shared a clue you wouldn’t find here at this crime scene?” Eevie turned to Delgado despite herself. Just as she presumed, he was standing close behind her, staring down with a smirk poking out from behind his facial hair. He placed his hand in the small gap between them and waited. “What do you say?” His smirk grew, stretching out farther than she’d ever seen it before. “Partners?”

Eevie threw her head back in exasperation, eventually gripping his hand as tight as she could muster. “Fine.” She groaned. “Let’s get this over with.”

4 thoughts on “Dimension Detectives”

  1. I really liked this story! I think you write really well and just the concept of detectives with monsters really intrigued me 😊 And I love relationships like Evee and Delgado’s. They are always the most entertaining!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ^_^ Thank you so much! 🙂 I never read that series before but it has dragon in the title so it must be cool. lol, I also love his name, which is why I couldn’t wait to name a character Delgado 😀


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