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Conversation. Or lack thereof
How long do you intend to avoid the inevitable?
To stay silent, witnessing the fall of a mighty star from the sky
To pretend life is the same as it once was
To not reach out with loving arms, to not hold me close
But instead pull me down, shake me with a fistful of fabric from my worn out hoodie.
To abandon me there to shiver in tears
Wondering when you’ll open your eyes, to become more aware.

Conversation. Or lack thereof

Days passing by, more tears shed
Not bothering to see if I’ve gotten out of bed.
To pretend that I’ll bounce back without your help.
Assuming its a phase that made me act this way
What happened to understanding, listening?
Caring. Seeing things through my eyes.

Will you ever bother to reach out? To
Pick up a phone and see if I’m even alright?
Conversation. Or lack thereof.

I don’t normally write such sad free verse poems, lol, but today was the exception. Normally I create short stories filled with magic and adventure with the world near the brink of destruction. My latest story is Callum, a story that shows how a normal job can be turned upside down when a new coworker shows up unexpectedly ^_^

In response to daily prompt: Conversation
Photo by Phil Botha on Unsplash

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