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3 Things I Always Considered Writing


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Wed. Aug 16
Blogging Prompt: What’s something you’ve always considered writing but haven’t yet.       

Difficult question as always. Whenever I read these prompts, for some reason I automatically assume it will be a piece of cake. Then when I sit down to actually write the prompt, I’m stumped. For me, actual blogging is harder than creating a random story. There’s something about opening up and admitting these are my thoughts and feelings that make it hard to complete blogging prompts. But anyway, I’m determined to complete this one, so here I go:

I’ve narrowed it down to three main themes I’ve wanted to write about but never had the chance. There’s no real reason for never writing these themes (I actually have a story idea that I want to write soon that covers two of them. Maybe it will become my NaNoWriMo project), I guess the right story never came up.  


Dream World

Honestly, a great number of stories have developed from a dream I’ve had. While dreaming, I have so much fun living out the different adventures, interacting / being various characters that I want to share it with the world. But, I have yet to actually make a story that takes place in a dream world or have more dream like elements in it. And I have no idea why I haven’t!

In the past, back when I was taking creative writing courses in high school and college, writing details with dream like elements were frowned upon. I actually remember a story I wrote in college that felt very dream like and focused on music. Flashbacks drifted in and out and the background was foggy. I thought it was pretty cool. I’ve always enjoyed allowing the reader to fill in the blank. However, during critiques, most people from the class wished they had more details to understand where the characters were and to fully understand why these things in the story were happening. So naturally I took that advice (which was good advice but I mostly made the changes to get a better grade) and made a bunch of changes which made the dream like element disappear.

One day, I hope I can piece together a story that takes place in a foggy scenery again. It was fun to write. And if it makes a reader scratch their head and get frustrated, then that’s kind of a plus. I want them to be confused, not to know what’s coming next, and to gather the missing pieces until everything finally makes sense.



I’ve read story after story that has never focused on sexuality or at the very least explored elements of it. And truthfully I never went searching for stories that included it. I just picked up a book that interested me and went from there (nothing wrong with that but after a while, you need to broaden your horizon).

Earlier this year, I stumbled across When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore. It’s a beautifully written story about a girl named Miel who spouts roses from her wrist. But don’t be fooled (from reading the back of the book, I thought that was all it was going to focus on but boy was I wrong), there’s so much more to this book. The heart of the story lies with Miel’s relationship with Sam who (sorry, spoiler alert! But I hope knowing more about the book will encourage you to purchase it and read it for yourself ^_^) is a trans boy. When I reached the line in the book when it revealed this, I was so shocked. But really happy. I’ve been wanting to read more diverse books. The fact I randomly selected to this book at the bookstore and it ended up exploring these topics made me like the book even more. The blurb on the back doesn’t reveal any of this either which I liked. So many books scream, “hey look at me! I’m writing something different. Pay attention to me.” Not that that isn’t a good method (you want people who are searching to know you’re out there), but I imagine anyone trying to avoid it will instantly put down your book. Not revealing it on the back cover shows it isn’t just a gimmick to get views. It feels more honest. And it certainly was an honest book based on the author’s actual life experience.

After completing this book, I really wanted to explore this topic. What was my sexuality? How did I view this and how did everyone else view me? And I want to share it with the world. It’s personal and allows people to criticize you but it’s still important. Somewhere out there is someone who is lost, who doesn’t completely understand them self. They could cross paths with your book and suddenly everything might make sense to them. That’s what I want to do.      


Depression / Mental Health

Years of trying to smile and pretend everything is alright has lead up to this. I have always been interested in darkness, characters with tortured past and gloomy outlooks on life. Suffering through traumatic events yet still striving to do what’s right (or at least right for them and those they care about). I’ve been told by my friends that I like creepy things and “creepy cute” is kinda my thing now. I’ve never been an optimist, always a pessimist. Overly cheerful people annoy me and the color yellow makes me angry (because it looks so damn happy, lol). Don’t even get me started with mornings. When the sun goes down, I’m instantly energized.

All my life, without realizing it, I’ve been riddled with anxiety and depression (back before I even knew my feelings had a name to explain them). I remember causing a scene every morning during my time in elementary school because my life literally felt like it was going to end every time I went to school. I hated it that much. And it didn’t help that I was shy and quiet and forced to read out loud in class. I stumbled across words, replacing them with others as I rushed to read faster only to have someone announce they couldn’t hear me. I spent everyday trying to be invisible so no one would call on me. And truthfully, I don’t even remember being bullied. Sure, kids poked fun at me but it was a normal amount. I was friends with everyone in class at that time but it didn’t stop me from dreading it everyday (I still get this feeling when I’m at work and forced to work a location I never worked before).

In school they used to breeze over mental health and somewhat demonize it to the point no one ever wanted to question whether they suffered from it or not. Truth is, a lot of people probably did and suffered alone because of it (thankfully college talked about it in a better fashion). It’s taken me many years to accept that I probably, most likely, like 99.9% sure, suffer from depression (or something closely related). I’ve only became comfortable with that idea through youtube and the select Youtubers I’ve been following for probably over ten years at this point. Their openness about their struggles make me want to do the same.

I don’t remember ever experiencing any traumatic event that caused depression but with depression, you never really need anything like that to suffer from it. It just happens (keep in mind, I’m not actually diagnosed with it but anyone who knows me will probably agree that I have it). And I want to show that in writing. Because not every person with depression has some terrible or epic story about how it started. Some people suffer alone all their life. Sure life knocks them down every once in awhile but those falls feel ten times worse with depression. I wanted to create a character who was actually pretty lucky overall yet still silently suffering. I hope in the future I can pull this off.   

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