A to Z Challenge, short story

E is for Engulfed


This is a continuation from a series I started for the A to Z Challenge so you might want to read the previous ones first to fully understand what’s going on. ^_^

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April 5 – E is for Engulfed

Kyi rubbed his bloodied face across his sleeve, leaving a trail of crimson behind. Wincing in pain, he continued rubbing his eye, hoping to see the hooded girl more clearly. Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain, the gushing gash above his eyebrow kept his vision clouded with a steady flow of blood. “If not Astrans, then who?”

Everybody knew golden spaceships marked Astran technology. Years ago, Kyi stayed glued to the netscreen with his friend Alyssa by his side as newscasters paraded Astran technology for all to see. Their golden ships were his personal favorite. When the sunlight caught them just right, it shot a prism of color across the area. But since then, his sense of wonder faded and he grew to detest the sight of them. Spotting one meant a new fleet was arriving on Earth.

More Astrans to flood the streets.

More humans to mysteriously vanish without a trance.

More Alyssas and Pans.

Even worse, now spotting one marked the end of the world.  

The hooded girl bit her lip. Using the shadow casted from her hood, she hid her expression from him. “We need to leave.” She reiterated, turning away from Kyi and stepping over bodies.

Kyi followed, careful not to step on bodies or the blood surrounding them. “Why won’t you tell me?” He ducked beneath a fallen pillar, climbing over another before catching up with her. His hand rested on her shoulder making her pause for a moment. Even through the thick fabric covering her, coldness seeped into his palm. “What’s the point of withholding information if we’re all gonna die anyway?”

The girl faced him, nudging his hand from her shoulder. “We don’t have time for history lessons.” She grumbled, tightly gripping the edges of her hoodie.

A slew of translucent drones hovered overhead. The sound of their overheating fans and the constant beep coming from their clear shape helped Kyi locate them in the sky. “What is–” A light on the drone turned blue.

“Get down.” She pulled him behind some rubbish, peeking up as a beam of light turned the area they once stood a bright blue color. Kyi looked too but he didn’t like what he saw.

The light swiftly changed from blue to red, sensing movement from a body Kyi hadn’t even noticed. The area erupted in flames, vaporizing anything engulfed in the red light. Satisfied, the drones took off to scan another area, searching for any hint of life to destroy.

Kyi stumbled back, landing against a pile of dead bodies. Too stunned to flinch away, his eyes widened, images of the drones setting fire to the survive replaying in his head. “W-why–?” He stammered but a complete sentence never formed from his quivering lip.

The girl remained focused, her eyes surveying the area. “Because that’s what they do. It’s what they’ve always done.” One more glance over the area, she deemed it clear and yanked Kyi up to his feet by the collar of his shirt. “Stay close if you want to live.” She released her grip on him, Kyi staggering before catching his balance. Turning, she paused mid-step. She looked back at him hesitantly. “I’m Eden, by the way.”

Kyi opened his mouth, ready to share his name however, she never gave him the chance. “I already know who you are.” She sighed, pulling down her hood once more. “I was at your concert after all.”

3 thoughts on “E is for Engulfed”

  1. Yay! A fellow fantasy/sci-fi writer with brown eyes! (LOL!) I enjoyed your post! Though, I have to admit, I could sympathize with Kyi. This was the first post I read, so I didn’t quite know what was happening. (I have some catching up to do.)


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