A to Z Challenge, short story

D is for Death


This is a continuation from a series I started for the A to Z Challenge so you might want to read the previous ones first to fully understand what’s going on. ^_^

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April 4 – D is for Death

Kyi dug his nails into the remains of the wooden amphitheater, dragging his body from beneath the rubble. Pain inched up his spine, blood tainting his vision as he scanned the area for his manager.

He saw no one.

Wreckage littered the lawn where his concert once took place. His head pounded, images of the spaceship colliding with Earth’s surface strobing behind his throbbing eyes. Smoke ached his lungs, setting him off into a coughing fit that made his body shuddered from pain. When it finally subsided, he used a fallen pillar as leverage to stand.

Still no one. No one alive, that is.

Kyi limped to the edge of the stage, carefully climbing down to avoid further damage to his leg. He shuffled around the area for a few minutes but no matter where he turned, all he saw were bodies. Dead bodies. Burned, bruised, and broken.

He covered his nose, blocking out the repulsive smell of burnt flesh and hair. Staring down at the lifeless bodies, tears began to sting his eyes, tears he refused to let fall. If this was really the beginning of the end, he needed to be stronger than that.

“You shouldn’t be here.”

Kyi turned to see the hooded girl from earlier on top of a pile of rubbish. Her hood was down, revealing long colorful braids tossed carelessly over one shoulder.

Her eyes narrowed, the same way his mother’s used to when she was about to point out his stupidity. “They’ll make a more thorough swoop of the area soon.” She slid down the rubble with grace, tugging her hood back on as she approached him. “If you’re still standing here gawking at bodies when they return then you’ll be joining them.”    

“Who are they?”

There it was again. Another look reminiscent of his late mother. The look of someone who was shocked that anyone could possibly be this clueless. “That spaceship didn’t crash for shits and giggles. They’re here to exterminate humans.”

Kyi’s pulse raced. His eyes shifted to the bodies at his feet. He assumed they all perished at the hands of the shock wave from the crash landing but in reality, Astrans had killed them.

“Why?” Kyi croaked.

“Are we seriously playing fifty questions here?” She reached for him, sending a cold shiver up his arm. He’d forgotten just how cold Astrans were.

Kyi pulled his arm from her grip, his head down, hair sticking to the blood sliding down his face. “Why are you all trying to exterminate us?”    

The hooded girl laughed, actually laughed in his face until she realized he truly had no clue what was going on. Sad thing was, none of the humans probably did. “These aren’t Astrans doing this.” She was silent for a while, tucking a stray braid back into her hood. “But I can see why you’d hope it was.”

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