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C is for Concert

This is an entry for the A to Z Challenge and WordBound which is probably why it’s longer than my usual post. Knocking out two writing prompts at once! ^_^

This is a continuation from a series I started for the A to Z Challenge so you might want to read the previous ones first to fully understand what’s going on.

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Wed, March 15 
Write a scene inspired by something a character can not see. 

April 3 – C is for Concert

10 Years Later

Fading in and out of consciousness, he could see the blood. Thick, deep red, coating his hands and knees as he begged his father to wake up. Gun shots continued to ring out, echoing the scenes of murder. The murder of his father and the otherworldly visitor.

Static from the projected screen against the wall of the cramped trailer pulled him from his nightmare, the recurring one he’d had since the incident back at school.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he sat up in his tiny bed, pausing inches away from bumping his head against the top bunk like he often did.

Kyi groaned. The scenes from the screen were always the same, the usual propaganda urging Earthen families to invite Astrans into their home and become kumbaya with them.

Astrans were good. Peaceful. Intelligent.

Astrans were now Earthen citizens who developed new technology that benefited everyone on the planet. They had rights, their own homes, even their own families. Yet families who invited them into their homes were still going missing and a handful of Astrans were still being taken away by military officials, just as Pan could’ve been.

To this day, Pan’s warning continued to ring in his ears as clear as the gun shot that day.      

“The destruction…destruction of mankind is near.”

Then the awkward twist and turn of her neck.

“Apocalypse…you will all perish.”       

The trailer door swung open, a mess of matchy gray hair peering into the compact space. Drew, his tour manager, sighed. “Please tell me you’re ready to go on.” He climbed farther into the trailer, glancing at Kyi with disapproving eyes. “At least you’re dressed.”

“I’ve been ready for hours.” Kyi insisted, standing and stretching his stiff body.

Now that he was standing, Drew took a good look at his outfit and frowned. Sure he was dressed and ready for the performance but his once crease free outfit was covered in faint wrinkles.

Kyi yawned. “I still don’t understand why I need to perform today, of all days.”

Drew folded his arms, leaning hard against the wall beside the bed. “We went over this.” He groaned. “This year’s tour theme is Calamity. It’s a play off all those claims that the ‘world is gonna end.’” He made quote fingers for full effect. “Trust me, your fans love it.”

Now it was Kyi’s turn to groan. It was one thing for humans to select random dates, convincing fools that it marked the end of the world but it was different when Astrans did it. They weren’t just picking dates then changing when the original ones didn’t come true. Astrans were warning them. At least, that’s what Pan’s warning lead him to believe.  

Drew ignored Kyi’s disturbed expression much like he often did when this topic came up. “Plus it’s too late to back out. You’re under contract. I own you.” Drew laughed playfully but there was a hint of authority in his tone. “Time to move. You’re fans are awaiting.”

Pushing past crowds of crazed fan girls waving posters of your face while singing off tune to lines from your latest song never got easier. Even with security guiding the way and leading him in through the back door, a few fans always seemed to slip through to confess their undying love for him.

This time was different. No screaming fans made it past the barricades. However, when they entered the hall, a small hooded figure block their path. “Don’t do this.” She lifted her head enough for Kyi to see her brown eyes. “This is a mistake.” 

Today was the predicted day of the beginning of the end of the world.

A real calamity.    

Not a fun punch line for a concert.

“Get her out of here.” Drew demanded.

Security easily lifted the girl out of the way, carrying her down the opposite hallway. She didn’t fight, her eyes remaining on Kyi’s as his were on her.

“Stupid Astrans.” Drew muttered when they reached the end of the hallway. Remembering Kyi was right beside him, an artificial smile replaced his annoyed look. “Break a leg kid.”

Stepping onto the outdoor amphitheater shifted the fans boisterous chanting into jubilant cheering. Then there was silence as Kyi started his first number, a song he’d written after Alyssa’s disappearance. Singing it always made him wonder about her. Where was she? What happened to her? Was she still alive? 

The last verse leading to the final chorus was usually when the guilt set in. Today was no different.

Back in the day, he’d seen all the signs but ignored them. Leading up to her disappearance, Alyssa had been acting oddly, whispering strange things during lab when she thought no one was listening. But nothing compared to the bizarre mechanical whistle that emanated from her room every time he visited. The sound gave him the same sensation as nails scraping across a chalk board. His shoulders hunched up at the thought of it. It wasn’t until his band stopped playing their instruments that he realized it wasn’t a memory making him cringe, everyone in the audience could hear it too and they all looked equally as disturbed.      

Kyi turned to his manager off stage but even he was shielding his ears from the sound. It only became louder to the point that anyone who thought this was merely a part of the show was glancing around in search for the source of the sound.

A fan in the audience pointed upward. A massive golden ship plummeted overhead, continuing on into the distance until it’s collision with the ground burned at their ears.

Chaos followed, the impact sending ripples of destruction across the land. The crowd trampled on one another, searching for a safe spot to hide but soon that didn’t matter when they were covered by dark clouds of smoke and knocked to the ground from the shock waves.

Kyi ran for the backstage but a piece of debris swept him off his feet. Pain ran up his leg as he shielded his head from fragments tumbling down from the pillars lining the stage.  

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