A to Z Challenge, short story

B is for Blood


Continuation from a series I’ve created for the A to Z Challenge

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1. A is for Absent

April 2 – B is for Blood

Mark’s grip around her shirt tightened, sending wrinkles down the fabric around his fist. Raising his clenched hand high into the air, Kyi knew what would happen next. Mid-punch, Mark’s arm collided with Kyi’s, Kyi instinctively blocking him, preventing him from hitting the alien girl.

Eyes flashing with aggravation, Mark released his grip from Pan, transferring his anger to Kyi. With all his might, he pushed Kyi over one of the desk and hovered over him, ready to strike him with his fist but paused as the classroom door swung open.

“Freeze!” An unfamiliar voice demanded.

Mark back away slowly, hands raised. The rest of the class complied as well while Kyi scrambled back to his feet. Glancing over his shoulder, he quickly realized why the class was so quick to comply.

Standing there in the doorway were military officials in their signature dark blue uniforms and shiny black guns. Kyi swallowed hard. The last time he’d seen military officials, they were murdering his father, preventing him from spilling ‘confidential information’ to the general public and causing ‘mass panic.’ In other words, he knew a government secret they didn’t want getting out. A secret even his mother didn’t know.   

The commander in charge briefly scanned the room, his eyes settling on the shivering Pan. “Grab her.” He nodded his head in her direction as two officials grabbed her by the arms, dragging her from her desk. She kicked and screamed, her eyes momentarily landing on Kyi but Kyi did the only thing he could do, look away as they took her out the classroom.

The commander wasn’t satisfied. His eyes shifted over the petrified children again. “Who was in contact with her?”

Eyes instantly fell to Mark whom waved his hands in defense before more soldiers snatched him from the classroom. “I barely touched her!” Mark screeched. He tried to fight his way out of their grip but it was no use, he was merely a 12 year old boy up against trained killers. With tear filled eyes, he looked to Kyi. “Him! He was more in contact with her than me.”

Kyi’s heart lurched. He would’ve punched Mark in his tiny piglike nose if he wasn’t already being hauled away by the officials. The commander locked eyes with Kyi yet Kyi quickly looked around the room at his classmates for help. He’d never actually been in contact with Pan. Sure, he was near her but he didn’t touch her like Mark had. But it was useless to assume anyone in class would come to his rescue. They were all too frightened.

“Him too.” The commander finally decided. Two more officials came to take Kyi away and Kyi did the dumbest thing he could in his given situation. He tried to run. “I said grab him!” The commander’s voice echoed behind him as he leaped over two desk and successfully made it out the door without being nabbed. However, the hallway was full to the brim with soldiers. It was obvious his luck had run out.

In the distance, a soldier cried out in pain before tossing Pan against the wall. She had bitten him and blood spilled from his wound like a volcano project.

During the commotion, Pan tried to make a run for it but she didn’t get far before shots rang out throughout the hallway.

Kyi shut his eyes, his body becoming as stiff as a statue. Even with his eyes closed, he knew she was dead. He heard her lifeless body hit the ground along with the soldiers shuffling boots surrounding their target.

Kyi dared opening his eyes but all he could see was a pool of blood spreading out from beneath the soldiers’ feet. A second later, he felt electricity course through his body. Then everything faded to black.   

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