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Wed Jan 25, 2017
What is your favorite word? Write a scene around that word.

(adj.) desiring or seeking powerful change in one’s life, behavior, or situation

Could anything be worse? Honestly, tell me a single situation worse than the one I’m currently experiencing.

A fun night out with friends, a deep conversation with a stranger who just got me, understood the struggles I was dealing with. An innocent kiss with him, a guy who made my heart flutter into the night sky.

How could it have turned into this? This mess. Me staring into his green eyes, the same eyes that took my breath away as he leaned closer to me, placing his lips on mine, scattering my jumbled thoughts away, leaving me a blank canvas.

The perfect kiss was now this. Awkwardness.

Nausea. Learning that the guy you kissed, the one you thought you could fall for in due time was actually becoming your brother-in-law. Right now. As your father skipped over formal introductions to hurry to the altar to wait for his bride-to-be, his mother. The guy you thought could be yours. Nothing could be worse than this.

From the expression on his face, he seemed just as shocked, disgust by the idea of kissing his soon to be little sister. We fumbled through a sloppy handshake and took our places at the altar. From across the pathway I stared at him, I couldn’t help it. Awkwardness and all, his presence still made my heart sky rocket through the milky way and back again.

I wiped a spot of unwanted sweat from my brow. Honestly, how weird could this be? We barely knew one another. How hard would it be to throw away our barely blossoming feelings and fit into the ideal family roles our parents laid out for us?

I took a deep breath. This shouldn’t be hard at all.

When the music shifted to a slower tempo and the bride-to-be took her first steps down the pathway leading to the altar, I knew just how hard it would be. Everyday spent staring into those green eyes, thinking about what could have been but never would be because our parents beat us to the punch.

And then everything transformed, morphed into one of those fantasy novels my younger sister was so obsessed with. The bride-to-be wasn’t a bride, she was a witch. Her silky white gown not white at all, instead covered in black tar, dripping down around her as she levitated over to us.

And my father wasn’t a groom, he was a dragon with glowing blue eyes. A dragon so tall he strained his neck to crouch down, sticking his snake like tongue out, warning the foolish audience of an oncoming fire breath attack. With a flick of his dark scaley tail, he destroyed half the church, causing shards of stained glass to crash around them.

The calm audience turned into fleeing trolls, the kind with brightly colored hair sticking straight up on top of their heads and gems where their belly buttons should’ve been. They ran around in circles, eventually escaping the church just before my father released his fire breath after them.

From behind the witch trailed my little sister, part animal part human, a slim figure with the face of a sneaky fox, holding the witch’s tar train with her teeth. They paused in front of me, smiling a pleasant smile that gave me the sensation of banana spiders crawling up and down my forearms. I forced a smile back, watching as they continued their trek to the dragon.

When I turned to my soon to be brother-in-law, he was just merely a guy. No improvements, no extraordinary new abilities. Just a boy with green eyes filled with concern. Ones that pulled me from my escape, made me remember where I truly was.

At a wedding.

Our parents wedding.

The one that would change our lives forever.

Suddenly my father was my father again, dressed in a snazzy black suit and his bride was a woman dressed in all white. My sister was human, carefully placing the train of the bride’s beautiful dress on the ground before joining my side and the trolls were an audience full of friends and family who had never left the church in hysteric terror. Everything was how it once was yet nothing would ever be the same.

They would say their vows.

We would shut our mouths.

And we’d all pretend to live happily ever after.

This is another submission for a Wordbound prompt. I’m actually pretty behind but I wanted to post this one nonetheless. Eventually I’ll catch up, I swear! I picked the word Novaturient because it speaks volumes to me. I’ve always wanted to make a big change in my life but also been too afraid to do it. Recently I’ve actually been taking small baby steps to truly make a change in my life. We’ll see where my journey takes me.

I was instantly interested in writing a short story about a girl with a vivid imagination, one so vivid that she used it to get through daily events in her life. That’s how she deals with stress and that’s the shape her strong desire for change takes.

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